Exchange Report

Posted by Shih-Chi Chang on February 1, 2020 life

Exchange Report

“The purpose”

My home university has a long-term exchange projects for universities in Taiwan. And the main reason why I decided to applicate to exchange is that I joined a short-term study tour in National University of Singapore last year’s winter. During the period in Singapore, I realized that it’s very important to have an experiment studying and living in a top university campus, because of you can not only learn in a more advanced approach and rhythm , but also get chances to know different cultures, knowledges, and views from people all over the world.

Another reason is that Professor Hung-yi Lee, and Professor Hsuan-Tien Lin, who held very popular course in ML area in Chinese, which are really attracting for me. Also CSIE in NTU has just got another medal in ACM competition. All above made me believe I will definitely learn much things here. And I did.

“Campus life”


Taiwan has unique culture and special “style” , from local Taiwanese culture, Chinese tradition and Japanese effect. Before landing, I had no idea what does “Taiwan” mean but as a single word. During this semester, the people who influenced me most is my teammate in embedded system by NTU-EE, a Spanish.

At the end of semester he got illness and even moved into the hospital for potential heart attack. So our team project didn’t go well. But eventually we did enough work to make it a complete one by spending time until midnight in the lab. And his mom came to pick him up after we were done. I’m impressed thinking “how far is Spain? “ I can’t even image how much time it will take for a flight from Spain. And I’m very impressed for his great courage.


After this term, I want to thank every professor I met. The first person I would like to appreciate is Professor Lin, I took 2 courses of him this time, and his name took half of my entire time in study. However, I learned a lot, and get to know how to keep a “research” mode in campus life more professionally. And since some of my course came from other schools/institutes, like journalism institute. And all those cross-major co-works pushed me think in another way. Many final projects’ area is out of my origin major, but I was glad to take it. I did interview, I did raspberry pi with machine learning with my Spanish teammate.

“Image of city”

Last but not the least, one of the best decisions is that I choose to join ntuphoto , a society about photograph. It seems like Taipei has the best resource of photograph, from the concept to the hardware. And related society in NTU is no doubt one of the best photograph society around universities in Taiwan. There’s complete gears and devices for films and digital images. And I get to know the truly concept and entire view of photograph through the source of ntuphoto. So I’m very thankful to everyone there. And I met my friends from different region there with same interest, which made me learn a lot.