Dev Routine [Live]

Last modified by Riino Site on January 27, 2020 jekyll doc
  • Github Gist support

  • Smart Banners

    An experimental feature is incoming : automatically add banner, depends on the content and ymal config of each post. First version will contain GS(Gauzier Shield), Expired(for old posts), and WIP.

  • Summary - Our Site in 2020

    According to the data from DNS server, there’s over 51GB data delivered via in 2020, from over 20,000 unique visitors, thanks for you support. In 2020, we released the 3rd re-built version of this blog, and we pushed lots of new features, thanks to everyone who are willing to share their codes. Also, we mentioned the source of them in code comments. In 2021, we will release the first template of this blog.

    Besides, you may notice that we do not enable google analytics scripts. So we will not know more details.

  • New Code color design

    We are working on new code color design.

  • Custom Banner

    We are currently developing custom top panel, with optional config in ymal. This will provide a warning message automatically for those old blogs.

  • About ‘Lab’

    The tag ‘Lab’ in nav bar is an another independent project of mine, when we release first demo, it will be fully available. Currently We just put an interesting demo made by p5.js there.