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Posted by Riino Site on June 19, 2020 jekyll doc
Last modified: June 29, 2020

Dark Theme

We are currently developing the dark theme of this website!

To get the latest information of dark theme and its details, please contact me directly. The new entrance of dark theme will come in late June.

Custom Banner

We are considering bring back banner into article page, which should be fully editable. We will provide html banner or image banner with custom text, still designing.

Riinoworld & Riinovibe

Minecraft archive is incoming! The tag minecraft in navigation menu will be the riinoworld archive site, where you can explore and download all the minecraft maps from me. Now, you can check my twitter account to get more information about minecraft.

As for Riino-Vibe, which will replace current low illu. page, the latter will be paused and become this archive website, as we designed. The procedure will be in July and before 20th, July.

I will stop low illu. , which means, we will no longer accept jobs in the name of low illu. for a time, including animation and photography type. The portfolio of low illu. will be available with new archive website.

riinovibe will take the inherent photography theme, works as a personal blog with the topic of life,experience, and beauty. Want to know more? Go check instagram @riino_vibe.