Low illuminance ends on 2022/10/30

what, why, how and overview of 2022

Posted by Riino Site on October 30, 2022


As some of you know that we are going to unpublish low illuminance (i.e. website li.riino.site) and all related services with this specific name, including image hosting service and any business activities.

The most concern is that will the current ‘album gallery’ and ‘asset download page’ be remove. We will then move these resources directly to riino.site, the main site. And it should cost little effort since the entire riinosite shares one single theme and corresponding features. It will take approximately few weeks to complete the merge. And there might be a homepage as the guidance hub for anyone who want to decide the blog part or the image part to visit.

Additionally, the origin website will be unpublished in 2022-10-30, and hopefully we will not use this wording anymore. Images will be removed with the retirement of the website and you can still visit image update in 500px or Instagram, which will be the replacement of low illuminance in the future.

Some of you may know that the archive ‘riinoworld’, riinosite1.0 and asserts in steam community are also hosted in low illu. Such resource may not be maintained regarding to this change.

Finally, the icon, logo, VI of low illuminance will also be removed.

What, why and how

In Oct. 1st 2018 we released a project called ‘low illuminance’, inspired by the concept of darkroom developing of photograph films back to old days. The thought of very beginning intension is that we isolate a stand-alone framework for any possible business consent in this area. Low illu. now has hit a remarkable currency while it will be tough for us to maintain the project pairing based on the status quo.

During these years several cooperation is implemented successfully including the VI of jekyll-theme-panda, YUV convertor, jpeg-tool , minecraft coop with Netease game and get over 100,000 downloads in steam workshop at wallpaper engine platform, over 10000 downloads of minecraft saves download since 2017 and got over 4300 downloads of jekyll theme.

However, low illu., as an isolated host design will cause unnecessary effort to maintain and more confusion when signing contrasts.

Therefore, what we want to accomplish via this change is to unify the outcome managed by low illu. into a more general content management ecosystem. Besides, we also would like to enhance the quality of create among these areas for more potential activities. And the requirement for a stand-along organization is not that important. During these months, we meet a very tight schedule that we plan to implement lots of tools and frameworks serviced as facility for riinosite. We agree that it will be quite challenging to maintain two sites at the same time.

The next step is that we would like to make the vision solution portal a little bit backend, and put the core bandwidth into the development of facilities. The projects that will be the next gen of ‘low illu.’ includes:

  • jekyll-theme-panda v2.4 roadmap (See https://riino.site/jekyll-theme-panda/2020-06-19-dev-routine.html)
  • RiinoSite Y4 Roadmap

What’s next?

2022 is an extremely hard year for me, it’s the10th year for nest of etamine studio and we still have lots to do, especially in this eclipsing world. The last to-dos in our develop(i.e. coding) backlog are:

PySchedule Python Workload Scheduler

​ A universal stack library based on Redux methodology to enable async, responsive design as the backend handling computing workload. Facade pattern for web API endpoints like flask is also considered as a part of the library.

typora2jekyll.js Javascript convert typora img path into web path

Automate convert typora img path into accessible path when rendering in jekyll, a part of jekyll-theme-panda plug-in.

And we will cut down more of bandwidth of developing regarding to the macroscopic status quo. After these two projects are done mostly, we will focusing on two aspects in the future (2023 S1):

2022 Overview

In 2022 we would like to built a series of supportive documentations in 3 usage: Guidance, Compliance and Acceleration and most of them are down or closed(i.e. corresponding affairs are done but documentation is regarded as unnecessary for now). As for the Doc Z, there are some works on technical and compliance parts and it will delay.

Type Project R Status Est.
Doc NoE Visual Standards 2022 🟩 Done Q2
Doc A NoE-Voix Acceleration on Continuous Audit 2022 Closed Q4
Doc E NoE-Voix Acceleration on Environment-friendly, Energy-saving and Sustainable Procurement 2022 🟩 Done Q2
Doc R NoE-Voix Acceleration on Enabling Standardized and Matured Risk Assessment 2022 Closed Q3
Doc Z NoE-Voix Life-cycle Process of Personal Assets and Goods 2022 🟥 20% Q3
Doc P NoE-Voix Privacy Statement 2022 🟩 Released Q2
Doc U NoE-Voix Terms of Use 2022 🟩 Released Q2
Doc Z1 NoE-Audit Asset Identifier (Appendix 1 of Doc Z) 🟩 Done Q3

2022 certification requirements is cleared:

Type Project R Status Est.
Cert. CCSK 🟩 Done Aug.
Cert. CISA 🟩 Done June

Dev status. We are suffering delay and the to-dos that has DDL on Oct. may be delayed until spring festival 2023.

Type Project R Status Est.
Coding GS - Facility - [Project 1.1] Workload Scheduler - ReduxPy 🟩 50% Oct.
Coding GS - Facility - [Project 1.2] GS Facade Core - Flask 🟥 POC Oct.
Coding GS - Facility - [Project 2] Flask Redux Session Management Module 🟥 POC Oct.
Coding GS - Facility - [Project 3] Universal Stack: Flask Restful + Neo4j + React/mui 🟨 60% 2023
Coding GS - API - [Project 4] Webapp - Online Excel Script Runner 🟥 POC Oct.
Coding GS - API - [Project 5] SNS Script Runner 🟥 POC 2023

Other blogs that might be put in RiinoSite:

Type Project R Status Est.
Work Threat Modeling using Graph Database (will be on RS soon) 🟩 Done Aug.
Work Wechat mini-program security 101 🟩 Done July.
Work Web Crawler 101(will be on RS soon) 🟩 Done Sept.
Work SSDLC 101 🟨 Redo Q4
Thesis [1/2]Year-2 Research of fake news transmission, foraging and identification S2 (will be on RS soon) Closed Q4
Thesis [2/2]Year-2 NLP prompt 101 🟨 20% 2023
Thesis 上海リル - Phase Report (will be on RS soon) 🟨 Init Q4

Finally I want to say:

Due to the exhausting and sealed atmosphere in this continent it is a hard and tough year for each citizen. We suffer mental trauma and political depression under structural violence and Kafkaesque imbroglios that is built by general demos . I see someone was pushed to their limit mentally or physically, and losing almost everything, and I might be just like them on one random day, which create giant depression especially under the facts that we are all steadily discern that the world is losing sustainability. However, our plans working on protection of environment and social community will continue as we can.

On the other hand, it’s quite exciting to see if there is any revolutionary changes in the future, with the growing conflict between rights and legality of conquest, whether the ending will be another tragedy or not. What we can do is to take care, and being thankful to yourself because you make yourself survived today.