Access New Bing in Chrome

Edit Anything in MS Word using Python docx

You can edit revision element w:ins w:del and much more.

What is SSDLC and what isn't

Secured Software Development Life Cycle

Overview of Web Crawler

Usage Limitation, Anti-Crawler and Risk


Low illuminance ends on 2022/10/30

what, why, how and overview of 2022

Threat Modeling using Neo4j Graph Database

Learning Pentest


nmap Cheat Sheet All in One

GithubPage theme vs Jekyll theme, explained

Combine Swagger, Flask and python db driver

With an example of neo4j graph database

Certification Test Minutes: Neo4j Certified Professional

Learning Data Retrieval


Learning Q-gram distance

aka n-gram

Jekyll Cheat Sheet


Learning Path

'/'and'./'and '../'

What is DevOps and What isn't

Way towards agile

Unexpected Http Response

when using ajax

Learning Angular Part 2

Template Syntax

What is Scrum and What isn't

Way towards agile

Learning Angular NGRX

Component State switch and effects

Learning Angular Part 1

First Look and Basic Structure

Learning Python3 Flask Part 3

Pyecharts & Echarts

Learning Python3 Flask Part 2

Html and Jinja

Learning Python3 Flask Part 1

Quick Start

Learning Python3 C3


Learning Python3 C4

Max/Min Stack

Learning Python3 C5

Greedy Algorithm

Learning Python3 Crawler

Collect Data from Web

How To Deploy Ml Of Motiondetect

Exchange Report

VVC Experiment with VTM

A VTM Offical Benchmark Test Usage Report


How To Set Up Current Work Of Motiondetect

Learning I.T.T

Learning Python3 C2

Sorted List

Learning Python3 C1

Integer Math

Learning SQL Server: Sql & Data binding in UWP

Learning SQL Server: Database,Table and Column

Learning SQL Server: Select Query

Learning SQL Server: Limited Conditions & Trigger


Use Json-cpp to parse Json string