The Perspective division of Nest of Etamine Studio, hereinafter referred to as NoE Perspective, is an individual mechanism to protect data authenticity, avoid falsitying, and provide in-house legality and compliance review service by third-party law consultants. Any information transmitted in protected situations*, including any attachments, will be saved and logged by NoE Perspective with timestamps. NoE Perspective will confrim that any review, retransmission, dissemination or other use of, or taking of any action in reliance upon, such information by persons or entities other than the intended recipient will be restrained.

If you see the icon or the text of NoE Perspective when sending your message, your data will be saved independently to ensure authenticity and become formally valid. Such records can be used for any legal actions by NoE Perspective. Correspondingly, NoE Perspective has responsibility to inform any related entities before collecting data, including both the type of situation and the description link from our notifications.

*In these cases, the data will be originally regarded as apocryphal, and will be saved:

​ - a) Any message with formal covenants, engagement information, acknowledgements, or material submitted to any services of NoE[1].

​ - b) Any information about privacy[2].

​ - c) Any other information with marks of NoE Perspective.

[1] NoE Services including code services VOID, blog template RiinoSite, and asserts service Low illuminance.

[2] Information which is enough to be used to recognize specific persons.


NoE Perspective is ready on 1st, 2021 Jan. Your old data before this date will NOT be transmitted by NoE Perspective.