Update Information [Live]

Last modified by jekyll-theme-panda on June 4, 2022 jekyll doc


  • Fix: Fix URL issue in nav bar and image, update guidance in config
  • Fix: Fix missing scss variables

Ver. Panda-0.2.5

  • Feat: with latest jekyll-search-bar, where setSearchJsonBaseURL is available to custom base url.

  • Fix: Fix double embedded search.js which results in unavaiable search feature

  • Fix: Fix base url issue resulting in 404 pic or favicon by using jekyll-seo-tag

  • Fix: Fix image/nav url issue when deploy with base_url

  • TODO: still working on mermaid.js loading issue(Current remediation methods is to add a 1500ms delay)

Ver. Panda-0.2.4

  • Feat: New yaml config varable auto-convert-img that is set as false by default.

    To set it as true, you can access your img in both Typora and Jekyll Website.

    What you need to do:

    1. Open your Typora settings and set the path where your image will be save as


    2. Just paste image into Typora like this: (the src will be ../img/in-post/2020-6-19-dev-routine/image-20221113222754216.png)


    3. Set auto-convert-img as true will will allow jQuery to automate transfer your image src and show in your website:

      auto-convert-img : true

Ver. Panda-0.2.3

  • Fix: Floating TOC panel is back as old version works when toc is true or default.

  • Fix: mathjax is now deployed completely in local, no more CDN issues.

  • Refactor: Remove rouge highlight

  • Feat: Completely new Code Snippet Style, supported by prism.js, including:

    • Better syntax highlight theme, auto clickable url, show language name
    • Copy to clipboard button
    • Line number
    • Tree view/Diff view/Terminal view

    For full feature please visit Theme Showcase , to customize prism plugin please refer to https://prismjs.com/

  • Known issues:

    • Since path issue (all assets file will be wrapped by remote-theme), mathjax font can not load successfully.

    • User have to manually disable default rouge by editing _config:

      markdown: kramdown
            disable : true
    • Scroll bar style of code block is missing

Ver. Panda-0.2.2

  • New Ymal attribution never-expired

Ver. Panda-0.2.1

  • Fix: Mathjax.js issue by replace CDN url

Ver. Panda-0.2.0

  • Feat: New layout : blank (default layout without header and footer)
  • Feat: New layout : album
  • Feat: New layout : albumlist
  • Feat: New layout : preset
  • Feat: New layout : presetlist
  • Feat/Dependency: smooth in-page jump via jquery-ui
  • Refactor: Config refactor
  • Fix: dropdown liquid issue
  • Dependency: add skroll.js

Ver. Panda-0.1.0

Ver. 3.2

  • Transform css into sass

  • Delete more ES5 codes

  • Now this blog is using remote_theme with riinosite theme

  • Better config control

Ver. 3.1

  • Enhanced search

    Seach panel (can be opened by clicking the search icon in the right botton corner or by double-clicking ctrl) now support title name seach with tag search. Also n-gram is used for matching.

  • Some refactors

  • Remove ‘lab’

Ver. 3.0

  • Smart Banners

    Automatically add banner, depends on the content and ymal config of each post. First version will contain GS(Gauzier Shield), Expired(for old posts), and WIP.

  • Custom Banner

    Custom banner can be added via yaml info, user can override banner title and subtitle. Currently the pattern of banner can not be modified.

  • ‘Lab’

    The tag ‘Lab’ in nav bar is an another independent project of mine, when we release first demo, it will be fully available. Currently We just put an interesting demo made by p5.js there.

  • Local JavaScript library support