巢之声- 隐私声明 2022 | NoE-Voix Privacy Statement 2022

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The Privacy Statement provides a simplified Chinese version and an English version, if there is any gap of understanding, please align to the content of Chinese version.

更新于:2023-2-12 , 生效于:2023-2-12

Updated at: 2023-2-12, takes effect at 2023-2-12


Privacy Statement Overview


This Privacy Statement describes what information we collect about you, why we use that information, and to whom we provide that information. It also sets out your rights with respect to your information and where you can contact if you need more information or have questions.



本隐私声明适用于 riino.site 以及其他与 riino.site 相关联的网站、应用程序、咨询服务、定制服务、开源工具、个人。

本隐私声明阐述了在您使用 “riino.site”或者发布、链接至本隐私声明的应用程序(“移动应用程序”)、网页、公告、电子邮件、SNS私讯、短消息、或提及本隐私声明的任何其他由本隐私声明适用的实体和个人发布的信息时我们如何收集、处理、存储和保护关于您的信息。

Who does this privacy statement apply to and what does it cover?

This privacy statement applies to riino.site and other websites, applications, consulting services, custom services, open source tools, and individuals associated with riino.site.

This Privacy Statement describes how we collect, process, store and protect information about you when you use “riino.site” or applications that are published or linked to this Privacy Statement (“Mobile Applications”), web pages, announcements, emails, SNS messages, SMS messages, or any other entities and individuals that reference this Privacy Statement. How we collect, process, store and protect information about you when you use “riino.site” or any other entity or person that publishes or links to this Privacy Statement (“Mobile App”), web pages, announcements, emails, SNS messages, SMS messages, or any other entity or person that references this Privacy Statement.


What is the type of Information collected by us?


Four types of information are COLLECTED, hereinafter referred to as Type A Information.

  1. 个人可识别信息(PII)


  2. 个人非隐私信息


  3. 用户访问轨迹


  4. 网络访问记录


  5. 网站互动记录(在启用了Google Analytics的情况下)


  1. Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

    Includes ID numbers, passport numbers, real name telephone numbers, addresses and any combination of information that can be pinpointed to a specific natural person by aggregation, in which case it will include the real name (as it appears on your legal documents) or other unique nickname.

  2. Personal Non-Private Information

    This includes any identifying information about you, including but not limited to: anonymous cell phone numbers, anonymous email addresses, internet nicknames, graduation schools, location information, gender. This type of information cannot be pinpointed to a specific natural person, either alone or by aggregation with similar information. Typically, if someone has both your workplace, last name and department, he/she will have the ability to obtain your identity through additional research and tracking.

  3. User Access Tracks

    The name of the series of actions you performed while accessing a specific application (including mobile applications, web applications, applets, etc.) and in what order. Please note that some social networking platforms collect this information by default (including records of your visits, clicks on “likes”, “retweets”, “comments”, etc.). In addition, payment records also belong to this type of information.

  4. Web Access History

    The request content of the web request you initiated when accessing a specific application (including mobile applications, web applications, applets, etc.). This includes the request time and header information. Please note that the headers may contain information about the operating system, IP address, and browser type you are using. You can use proxy access to hide your IP address.

  5. Web interaction logs (with Google Analytics enabled)

    The web requests you initiate when accessing a specific web application, device model, access address, browsing page URL, page interaction history. Please note that this information is not associated with any other websites, used for commercial purposes or to track your personal behavior. You may use proxy access to hide your IP address, use anonymous mode or other means to prevent the collection of this data.


  1. 您在同意的情况下为您拍摄的具有清晰面部特征的肖像照片或视频,下称面部信息。在特定情况下,为您拍摄的照片会带有您本人的肖像信息(这是不可避免的)。需要注意的是,基于GDPR等合规要求和现实情况,肖像信息属于您的个人可识别信息(PII)
  2. 为了实施特定的服务而需要提供的个人信息,下称特别个人信息。如:您的个人隐私保护状况。
  3. 在企业内部为了有限范围信息分享的目的,或者交付对应咨询服务而获取到的企业敏感信息,例如,您发送的某企业报告,含有企业名称,相关负责人姓名与职位等。

Other specific information collection scenarios, corresponding to information that will only be collected in that scenario, hereinafter referred to as Type B Information.

  1. Portrait photos or videos with clear facial features taken of you with your consent, hereinafter referred to as facial information. In certain circumstances, the photographs taken of you will bear your own likeness (which is unavoidable). It is important to note that portrait information is your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) based on compliance requirements such as GDPR and the reality of the situation.
  2. Personal Information required for the implementation of specific services, hereinafter referred to as Special Personal Information. For example, your personal privacy protection status.
  3. Corporate sensitive information obtained for the purpose of limited scope information sharing within a company or for the delivery of corresponding consulting services, e.g., a report you send to a company containing the name of the company, the name and position of the person in charge thereof, etc.


  1. 任何用于基于兴趣的广告行为所需收集的个人信息。
  2. 敏感信息(如:种族、民族、宗教信仰、犯罪记录、身体、心理健康状况或性取向)。
  3. 未成年人的个人可识别信息(PII)。

By default, we DO NOT collect the following information, and will provide additional notice when we do need to collect such information.

  1. any personal information that needs to be collected for interest-based advertising practices
  2. sensitive information (e.g., race, ethnicity, religion, criminal record, physical or mental health status, or sexual orientation)
  3. personally identifiable information (PII) of minors.


  1. 涉及国家安全机密、商业机密或其他可以被认为是高度机密的信息。
  2. 错误发给我们的信息。
  3. 在未经信息所有者同意的情况下,进行传输的PII信息。
  4. 在未验证信息所有者身份的情况下,进行传输的PII信息。
  5. 涉及犯罪行为的数据传输。

We NEVER collect the following information at all, and will perform direct destruction if received in error.

  1. information that involves national security secrets, trade secrets or other information that can be considered highly confidential.
  2. Information sent to us due to a wrong address.
  3. PII information that is transmitted without the consent of the information owner.
  4. PII information that is transmitted without verification of the identity of the information owner.
  5. Data transmission involving criminal acts.


To whom do we disclose your information?




For Type A Information:

Your information will, by default, not be sent to any entity or person. unless otherwise stated and with your consent.

In the case of social networking software, any personal information you provide to these social media applications may be read, collected and used by other users of the application. We have little or no control over these other users, and therefore we cannot guarantee that any information you provide to any social media application will be treated in accordance with this Privacy Statement. For example, information you send through a public channel may be copied and stored by other users who have the ability to read it.



对于含有您肖像信息的图片,将默认发布在有限的社交平台上,由于图片信息的特性,相关信息可能被平台的其他用户查看、收集和使用。我们承担您肖像信息以及影像素材的真实性、唯一性和版权的持续追踪和保护责任。在某些情况下,我们使用 500px 的托管服务或者物理存储托管原始影像文件,以保护对应版权。在您需要特别同意并签署肖像权使用表格的情况下,相关影像素材才会被发送至商业售图平台。请注意,通过图片修饰抹除您面部的照片数据(例如使用了色块进行遮盖等情况)不受此声明限制。在这种情况下,您应当收到我们提供的相关表格。

对于企业内部分享的敏感信息,将禁止发送给任何企业网络外的存储设备介质、第三方实体和个人,除非经过了数据拥有者,即您本人特别的允许。另外,此类信息将在完成特定的 使用目的后进行擦除或加密,以符合任何相关的保密协议之需求。并且,此类信息会被明确标记和加密,以对可能的泄露、窃取等行为进行安全强化和追踪。


For Type B Information.

For personal information that you disclose to us for specific needs, **it will not be sent to any third party entities and individuals. **

For images containing your portrait information, they will be posted on a limited number of social media platforms by default, and due to the nature of image information, the relevant information may be viewed, collected and used by other users of the platform. We assume responsibility for the ongoing tracking and protection of the authenticity, uniqueness and copyright of your likeness and image materials. In some cases, we use 500px’s hosting services or physical storage to host the original image files in order to protect the corresponding copyright. Only if you specifically agree and sign a portrait rights usage form will the image material be sent to a commercial selling platform. Please note that the erasure of photographic data of your face through photo retouching (e.g. the use of color blocking for masking) is not subject to this statement. In this case, you should receive the relevant forms from us.

Sensitive information shared within the enterprise** will not be sent to any storage device media, third-party entities or individuals** outside the enterprise network unless specifically permitted by the data owner, i.e. you. In addition, such information will be erased or encrypted upon completion of the specific purpose of use to meet the requirements of any relevant confidentiality agreements. Furthermore, such information will be explicitly marked and encrypted for security enhancement and tracking of possible disclosure, theft, etc.

For Machine Learning: Due to the potential risk of training set attacks and related compliance requirements, any of your PII information will not be used in any type of machine learning training.


What information do we collect in different scenarios?

对于A类信息,请参考 个人信息统一收集准则表(PICSS),即下表:

For Type B Information, please refer to the Personal Information Collection Standard Sheet (PICSS), which is the following table.

是否收集 Whether to collect [A]个人可识别信息 PII [A]个人非隐私信息 Non-PII [A]用户访问轨迹 Access Tracks [A]网络访问记录 Network Access History [A]网站互动记录 Web interaction logs [B]面部信息 Facial Information [B]特别个人信息 Special Personal Info [B]企业信息 Enterprise Data
riino.site     Y Y Y      
riino.site/api   Y Y Y        
[email protected]   Y Y Y        
[email protected]   Y Y Y        
[email protected]   Y            
私讯(SNS DM) Y Y   Y        
一般咨询服务 General Consulting Y Y Y       Y  
影像/视觉服务 Visual Solutions   Y       Y    
企业内部通讯 Enterprise Communication Y Y           Y
上海リル   Y            


How do we use information about you?


For use of your Type A information collected through our websites, mobile applications and other media:


Where appropriate, this information may be used to protect our rights or property and those of our users in order to comply with legal or regulatory process.


For use of your Type B information:




How long is your information kept for?

Your data stored on our systems, storage media, and cloud resources is retained for the maximum period of time that is.

(i) as long as necessary for the relevant action; or (ii) any retention period required by law.



Right to Dispose of Personal Information

You may have a variety of rights in relation to your personal data. In particular, you may have the right to






We take a number of physical, electronic and administrative measures to ensure that the data we protect is secure, accurate and up to date. These measures include

Although we take appropriate security measures once we receive your personal data, the transmission of data via the Internet (including e-mail) is never completely secure. We will do our best to protect personal data, but we cannot guarantee the security of the data transmitted to or by us.

In the event of a network attack, eavesdropping, etc., the information you send to the corresponding service may be intercepted by an intermediary, even if they are encrypted, and we have no control over what information the attacker can access, so we cannot guarantee that any information you transmit under a network attack will be stored, forwarded and decrypted in accordance with this privacy statement.



  1. 由于使用全球云资源网络,您的信息可能以加密的情况传输至海外服务器。
  2. 由于使用全球化的社交平台,您的信息可能能够被跨地域的用户查看和收集。


Additional Restrictions on Transmissions of Information Across Jurisdictions

Personal information transferred across certain geographic locations may receive additional legal (e.g. GDPR) requirements. For Class A information, the disposal of your personal information, the following may occur.

  1. Due to the use of a global network of cloud resources, your information may be transferred to overseas servers in an encrypted condition.
  2. Due to the use of global social networking platforms, your information may be able to be viewed and collected by users across geographical areas.

In such cases, this Privacy Statement recognizes that you have the right to the disposal of your personal data, including the right to rectification, the right to be forgotten, the right to data portability, etc., and that our processes for the collection, transfer and storage of your personal information meet the corresponding requirements at the technical level.



Complaints and Feedback

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, or if you are dissatisfied with the way we have handled your personal data or responded to any privacy inquiries or requests you have made, please file a complaint through the contact information corresponding to the entities and individuals to whom the statement applies.




Revisions to this Privacy Statement

We may revise this Privacy Statement from time to time.

To let you know when we revise this Privacy Statement, we will update the revision date. The newly revised Privacy Statement will apply as of the date of that revision. Therefore, we encourage you to periodically review this Statement to be informed of how we are protecting your information.