Thanks for supporting RiinoSite & NoE Blog in these days.

2022 is the 10th of this blog project, whose origin name is ‘transaction log’ in 2012.

In early 2015, we published riinosite1.0, which was in wixcom, with fixed template.

In 2017,the website was merged into GithubPage. Since then, GithubPage is the first option to deploy riinosite.

In 2019, we redesigned entire website from scratch using jekyll, and we drop the origin offcial jekyll template.

In 2020, we merged riinosite with website of low illuminance (, and seperated style template, named it as ‘jekyll-theme-panda’.

Today, we get approximately 4 GB data flow each month, and ‘jekyll-theme-panda’ has got over 1.9k downloads.

We can’t got this far without everyone’s help, and we want to say thanks to:

who provided important guidance on this project directly or undirectly.

2022 RS Goal

2022 GS Goal

In 2022, we will develop more backend services to support riinosite(RS), and optimize development procedure by pre-built component. Such projects will be launched via open-source libraries, remote servers, and more guidance.